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Compare Buyandsave is one of the UK's most comprehensive shopping websites and if our price comparisons do not show what you are shopping for, we doubt you will find it elsewhere. To however make it easier for you to compare prices we will, over the coming months, be making a number of changes and we apologise is that should cause any inconvenience.

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Our typical online shopper:

~ values the convenience of high street shopping from the comfort of their own home rather than undergoing a possible arduous drive to their local town, city, or shopping centre.

~ appreciates the importance of quality time with their family and maximizes that time by saving time (and money) shopping online whether it be for food & groceries, a new vacuum cleaner or a romantic gift for that someone special.

~ is familiar with the use of discount voucher coupon codes and while appreciating they provide a valuable tool in their quest to find the best price, understand that the best price might not necessarily be found at the shop offering the biggest headline discount.

~ realizes that many retailers now frequently have flash online sales lasting anything from a few hours to a few days and to gain maximum benefit they require the online shopping services offered by a quality price comparison web site such as CompareBuyandsave.COM.

~ is aware that mail order and home shopping companies frequently use the web to discount products and easy online access is required if they are to browse through all the best home shopping catalogues.

~ recognizes that substantial savings can be made by booking a holiday online and that these saving can be achieved even if they prefer to first browse through a selection of holiday brochures and catalogues.

~ understands that no matter what they are looking to buy, nothing can beat price comparison shopping when searching online for that all elusive best price.

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